What to Expect in an Elementary Teacher Job Interview

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Miss teaching nice studentsWhat questions will they ask you? How to make a good impression with your answers? What decides the winner at the end of the interview?

Simply, how to prepare for this challenging experience and walk away with a coveted job contract? We will try to answer this question on our website that specializes only in elementary teacher interviews. Written by former assistant principal and successful interview coach Glen Hughins. Welcome!

Questions you should expect

Note: Click on a question will direct you to a separate page, where we analyze the particular question, and offer some good answers to the question.

However, I suggest you to firstly read this page to the end, and just then start clicking one question after another. Before you start to prepare for particular questions, you should understand all nuances of this interview. It would be useless to practice your interview answers without having this knowledge. After all, success or failure in an interview depends on many factors, not only on your answers to the questions of the interviewers.  

Build relationships with the interviewers

A teacher with a young studentYou can expect a healthy mix of personal, situational and technical questions in your interview. On the other hand, recruiters at schools do not excel in HR. Principals (or vice principals) are smart and educated, but HR isn’t their field of expertise. . . . Therefore you should understand that personal preferences will play a role in your interview. Said in other words, if they like you as a person, and if you fulfill their criteria, they may hire you.

You should browse the website of the school, and read something about their goals, visions, and achievements. Try to identify something positive, something you can compliment. You will use this information to show recognition and respect to the people sitting in the interviewing panel, and build yourself a good position in their eyes.

What to say at the end?

Success or failure in an interview depends on many factors. Personal preferences of the interviewers, your ability to sell yourself in an interview, your answers to their questions, overall impression you make, quality of other job seekers, etc. It is not easy to succeed. . . . But after all, people who devote most time to their preparation and know what to say and do in their interview will typically succeed.

Will it be you? Elementary Teacher Interview Guide will show you how to ace your interview, from start to finish. I wish you good luck!

Glen Hughins

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