What to Expect in Your Elementary Teacher Job Interview


Picture of elementary schoolMost of us do not realize how important the role of elementary teachers is in our society. Elementary teachers are the one who can influence the children in time when 90% of their formulas of thinking and habits are built. Elementary teachers can be great role models and help the young generation to gain right values and find healthy attitudes towards their own life as well as towards the others. If you want to get this job, you can expect quite a specific interview, also because of this. You will need to deal with several typical interview questions, there will be also specific, job related questions, as well as questions about your motivation to do the job.

Teacher – Job or a mission?

An excellent applicant for a job of elementary teacher should take it as a mission of life. It’s not only an 8 to 3 job where you go every day, like most people do… It should be something more, at least for you, and interviewers should see it on you and in you. Only if you present yourself as someone who really cares for the healthy development of children he leads, someone who understands the importance of this role, they will choose you in an interview. In any other case, you will be screened out.
The competition for jobs of elementary teachers is not as high as for many other jobs, such as manager, customer assistant or sales representative for example. However, survey conducted in the US shows that four people are interviewed for every single job opening of elementary teacher (in average). Four candidates, one job opening. That is a simple math. Can you be the one of four and get this job? Surely, you can be the chosen one. But you need to present yourself as someone who cares for this important mission and you need to give good answers to all elementary teacher interview questions. Let’s have a look at the questions.


Questions they typically use in an interview


Many questions, little feedback

A teacher with a young studentAs you can see, you can expect a healthy mix of personal, situational and technical interview questions. On the other hand, interviewers at schools are typically not HR professionals. They ask questions and sometimes do not know why they ask a question. Many interviewers come to websites like this one, download the list of question you have just read and use it in their interview. That is the reality. But what does it mean for you, being a job seeker?
It means that personal preferences play a huge role on decision making in this interview. Said in other words, if the interviewer (often a vice principal or principal at school) likes you as a person, he will choose you. It is that simple, it is that difficult.


Become a friend with an interviewer

Actually it creates a new dimension for your interview preparation practice. I suggest you to research about the school, especially about their achievements and simply learn something positive about an institution. Then in an interview, you can compliment it and show some recognition to the interviewer. You can become friends, as these people are pretty proud on their institutions and like to be recognized for it. I do not say this is the case at all the elementary schools. I do not say it is correct and good. I wish people at schools were better in recruitment. However, it is how it is and we need to accept that and prepare for an interview according to it. With our website, we believe you can do it. We wish you good luck in your job interview!