Can you name the main problems teachers face nowadays?


Guy with a book in his handsWe live in challenging times. Youngsters are not anymore interested in their studies, and new challenges arise with an ongoing boom of social media and smart phones.

Good applicant for this position should be able to name some challenges, and offer their ideas and solutions. This is exactly the difference between average and exceptional teacher. Average job candidates see only the problem, the exceptional one have solutions in their minds.

Problems, or challenges?

You should have a positive attitude to problems. To say that worsening level of communication skills is a problem and stop there would not win you many extra points. . . . You should elaborate on it, saying how you plan to tackle this challenge. Let’s have a look at some answers:

Teacher with kid at a computerI consider high dropout rates, low academic achievements, and little interest in study, especially in traditional subjects, the main challenges we face.  However, I believe that we should make the school-time more engaging and entertaining, interesting and practical. Then we can tackle these challenges.

Worsening level of communication skills and social skills, as well as new forms of addictions, such as social media addiction or smart phone addiction are the new challenges we face. I believe that we need to let children talk in classes. We should use exercises that develop creativity, and we should have strict rules regarding smart phones in classes. That’s the only way to deal with this phenomenon.

Do not be afraid of the problems. You are the one who can solve them. Working with small children, you have a good chance to influence something in their life, and change their attitudes, creating a better future along the way. . . . You should be proud on being an elementary teacher, and you should talk about it in you interview.

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