Do you think that we should treat all students equally? Or do you prefer an individual approach to every student?


Miss teaching nice studentsThis is a tricky question, because each teacher and administrator have their own point of view on the issue. Some of us believe that we should treat all children equally, and their marks will show the differences and we will integrate them accordingly. But other people have other opinions, and they believe that we should motivate the weak students with better marks.

Some teachers simply prefer to have an individual measure for every person, based on their abilities, skills and predispositions to study. This approach is motivating for weak students, and it can help them to improve their results. However, it can sometimes demotivate the best pupils in the class, since they naturally want to stand out from the crowd. You do not know the opinions of your interviewers, so you can’t simply choose an answer that will match their ideas. 

Choose a neutral answer

According to my opinion, teachers at elementary schools should do their best to motivate the weak students to learn and to enjoy going to school. This can have a major impact on their education and life in general. While I always prefer to hire teachers that support and apply individual approach to every student, your interviewers can have a totally different preferences. Therefore the best thing to do is to choose a neutral answer, saying that you will follow the guidelines set by school leaders. Try to take a swim without getting wet.

If you want to stay firmly behind your values and opinions, however, you can say that you prefer one approach to another. But do not forget to clearly explain why you believe in applying it in your classes. Let’s have a look at one sample answer.

We are all different and to gain the trust of my student I try to approach everyone individually, considering his family background, strengths and weaknesses. However, I try to treat everyone equally in terms of ranking, because I don’t want to demotivate the best students. But I am open to both approaches, and what I’d do here depends on your philosophy and guidelines.

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