Do you think that we should treat all students equally? Or do you prefer an individual approach?


Miss teaching nice studentsThis is a tricky question, because each teacher and each school administrator have their own preferences. Some of us believe that we should treat the children equally, and their marks should reflect the differences. But other people believe that we should motivate the weaker students with better marks, to help them enjoy their time in school.

This second approach is definitely motivating for the weak students, and it can help them to improve their results over time. However, you do not know what the opinion of your interviewers is

Choose a neutral answer

While I always prefer to hire teachers that support individual approach to every student, your interviewers can have different preferences. Therefore I suggest you to choose a neutral answer, saying that you’d follow the guidelines the school leaders set.

If you want to stick to your values, however, you can say that you prefer one approach. But do not forget to clearly explain why you believe in that. Let’s have a look at a good answer.

Everyone is different, and I prefer to approach every student individually, considering their family background, strengths, weaknesses, and predisposition for studying. But I don’t want to demotivate the best students, so the marks I give still reflect some differences between the people. Anyway, I am open to various approaches, and will be glad to hear more about your philosophy and guidelines in this matter.

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