How Would You Win The Hearts of Your Students?


Teacher is having good time with the studentsOne of the differences between an average and an exceptional teacher lies in an ability to win the hearts of their students. If the children like their teacher, if they enjoy their company, they will follow the rules, engage in the lessons, and they simply won’t make problems. . . . Interviewers are aware of this and they will most likely use this question in your interview.

You should have a plan on how to win the hearts of your pupils, and how to gain their respect. Luckily for us it is quite easy at the elementary school, when we compare it to secondary, or high school education. Let’s have a look at good answers.

Sample answers

I believe that teachers are in the classes for their students, not contrariwise. I always look at every lesson, exam, or after school activity from the point of view of the children. Will it help them in their future? Are they going to enjoy it? Does the goal of the activity correspond with the overall direction we try to lead them to? I always ask myself these questions and believe it is the way to win their hearts – to do things for them, not for us.

Children are sensitive. One can win their hearts being humble, and friendly. Authoritative approach builds barriers between teachers and pupils, and it makes it impossible to win their hearts. I would simply try to communicate with them on their level, I would listen to their needs. That’s the best thing I can do to win their hearts and respect.

Note: Every teacher has their own philosophy of teaching and building relationships with their pupils. If you prefer to keep distance, it is all right to talk about it in your answer. But the key is to have a plan, always. . . .


What to say at the end?

Congratulations! You did more than the majority of job seekers will do to prepare for their interview. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to read brilliant answers to all twenty-five common interview questions for elementary teachers, you should have a look at our Elementary Teacher Interview Guide. Thank you, we wish you good luck in your interview!