What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Successful interview - two peopleGood teachers can recognize strengths and weaknesses of their pupils and work with them to improve on their weaknesses. That’s likely the main reason why interviewers ask you this question at the first place. Since if you failed to identify your own strengths, you would  hardly recognize those of  your students. Their logic is simple, but actually reasonable.

Not every weakness matters

What matters for a manager can be irrelevant for a good teachers Universal strengths and weakness do not exist in this world. You should choose strengths that are important for a job, and weaknesses that aren’t so important for teaching at all. Again, a very simple logic, but actually the one that works.

Strengths to choose: good communication skills, listening skills, patience, responsibility, tolerance, ability to solve conflicts, emotional intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm, ability to explain things in a simple way, ability to connect with children on a personal level.

Weaknesses: Some applicants say that they are over-friendly with children. This is a good answer, because many interviewers will not consider it a weakness at all. You can name some subjects as well, for example teaching Math. But you should elaborate on it, saying that you still try your best in every lesson, even though you do not like to teach the particular subject of your choice. Remember, it’s your attitude what matters. Show them that you care, that you strive to become a better teacher every day. That what counts more than whether you have some weaknesses, or not.

Sample answers

Elementary teacher with students

I have a tendency to be over friendly with children. On the other hand  I have good listening skills, and I understand the emotions and problems of children quite well. During my practice at local elementary school, I was able to demonstrate those skills in the classroom.

My computer skills are below par. I attend evening classes and practice at home, trying to improve on them. But it takes time and it is not easy for me. People say that I am a creative mind, which definitely helps me in my teaching career. I always get good ideas on how to improve the learning experience for the children in the class.

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