What is your opinion on information technology at elementary school?


Young kids with headphons in schoolInformation technology is everywhere. Should young children work with computers? Many principals believe they should, but many psychologists and sociologists think they shouldn’t. And what do you think?


Follow what they do

Little research will help you to find a good answer. Speak with someone from school before the start of your interview, and ask whether they have IT classes.

You should also say that to use the technology wisely matters the most. There are many options for a good answer to this question.

Sample answers

I like to use technology in my classes. Pictures, videos, and presentations help us to demonstrate the lesson and they also improve the engagement of the students. On the other hand, we should monitor the computers they use, to ensure they won’t use them for whatever they please.

In my opinion IT does not belong to elementary school. Each child has a computer at home, and they spend too much time playing anyway. We should represent a different line of upbringing, trying to build right values and attitudes in children. However, if we restrict the use of technology and have clear goals while using it, it can certainly help us and the children.

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