Why Do You Want to Become an Elementary Teacher?


Three people in an interviewEvery role has a purpose. Managers manage people, artists create works of art, laborers do the hard work, and entrepreneurs give the job to all of them. Teachers, however, have a very special position in society. They teach and lead the children, becoming their second role models after parents.

Teaching isn’t a job only, and shouldn’t be considered such–it is a mission you have in life. This in an attitude that should resonate in your answer to their question about your motives behind the teaching career. You can focus on some other things besides of that as well, for example on the following stuff:

  • your love to children
  • ability to teach well
  • good predispositions for the job

However, you shouldn’t connect your answer to the past, saying that you would like to teach because you graduated from the field of education. That would indicate that you had to teach, instead of wanting to teach. Speak with enthusiasm about your mission and show them that you know why you applied for their job opening. Don’t hesitate to add a couple of practical experiences from the past, events that helped you with making your decision to become a teacher….

Sample answers

Children need role models, and leaders. This is important, especially in young age, when they try to understand the world around them, and create their picture of themselves. Many children come from families that face a lot of problems, and it is not easy for them to find their place in life . I would like to help them find this place, and can’t really find a better job to follow my calling.

I love to be around children. What’s more, I teach well, and I really enjoy doing the job. It’s my childhood dream to teach, and now I try to materialize the dream.


happy studentsYour non-verbal communication matters

Interviewers don’t have to believe your answers. If you smile,however, if you speak with enthusiasm and show positive emotions about teaching, they will for sure believe that you really want to have the job, and didn’t apply just beasue you had graduated from the field.


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