About us

Glen Hughins - Interview Coach, author of the website contentElementaryTeacherInterviewQuestions.com was established in March 2013 by Glen Hughins, Recruitment Consultant and Interview Coach from Philadelphia, who had worked as a school principal for fifteen years.

Glen runs similar websites for people who want to get a teaching job, and he also runs a popular website for future assistant principals.

Glen became a member of Career Consulting Association in 2017, further solidifying his status of an experienced career coach, working primarily with people who pursue career in teaching and in education administration.

Some statistics (see screenshot from Google Analytics below)

  • To date we have helped more than 120,000 people to get their teaching job
  • We have welcomed job seekers from 198 different countries, led by United States, India, Philippines, Canada, and UK
  • The website was shared and linked to numerous times, receiving traffic from 373 different traffic sources over the years.

If you would like to request a temporary access to our Analytics account, or have any more questions about Glen or the website, please contact us.

traffic statistics from Google Analytics for Elementaryetacherinterviewquestions.com website. You can see that more than 120,000 people visited the website since March 2013
traffic statistics, screenshot from Google Analytics, January 2018