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– By Glen Hughins, Recruitment Consultant & Interview Coach, author of ElementaryTeacherInterviewQuestions.com

– Let me show you great answers to twenty five interview questions for elementary teachers. In two hours from now, you can know all the answers, and understand the winning interview strategies. Great job, recognition, and personal satisfaction are just few steps away…


Dear Job Seeker,

Can you answer the following questions right now?

– Can you name the main problems teachers face nowadays?

– How would you approach the first class students, on their first day at school? What would you say to them?

– What do you consider the toughest aspect of this job?

– How do you determine each individual child’s potential?

– Why should we hire you?


It is not easy, is it?  And you will have to answer many other tough questions in your interview, and convince the hiring committee of the value you can bring to their school. 

It is difficult, but I wrote the eBook that will teach you how to answer every question, and how to impress your interviewers.  See the sample from the book below:


Q.1: Why do you want to become an elementary teacher?

Hint: Motivation of job candidates is one of the decisive factors in every interview.

Good salary, clean working environment, or personal challenges, are not really the things the interviewers seek in an answer of a great job candidate… Oppositely, they want to hear that you care for their institution, and the education of the pupils.

Therefore you should talk about your motivation to lead the children, to be a good role model, and about your belief to be a great elementary teacher, an asset for their school.

On the top of that, you should not connect your job choice to the past, saying that you want to work as a teacher because you graduated from the field. This answer sounds like a must, not a desire.

Speak with enthusiasm about your teaching mission and show them that your intentions are correct. After all, you should try to show enthusiasm in every single interview answer.


Sample answers

I believe that children need good role models and leaders, in order to create healthy attitudes, opinions and formulas of thinking. Too many children come from divorced or incomplete families, and it is not easy for them to find their place in life, their leading figures. They struggle to live well. I want to help them to find their place, and teach them things they need to know to make right decisions. I consider this my mission, and that’s why I decided to pursue career in teaching. I can’t imagine doing anything else for living.

I really love being around children. What is more, I can teach well, and I really enjoy doing this job, as far as my experience goes. We should have a job we love, one we enjoy doing. That’s why I decided for elementary teaching.

I always liked to listen to the others, and to teach them. I was an excellent student and I helped fellow pupils with their homework. I actually gave tutorage classes in math, not only to the people at the college. So I know what it means to teach, and I feel I have something to give to my pupils.


Q.2: What do you want to accomplish on this position?

Hint: Focus on the goals of the school, and the children, not on your personal goals. You should try to present yourself as someone who does work for the sake of the employer, and children.

Remember, good employees always have some goals and want to accomplish something in their job and life. Therefore you should never say that you have no plans and goals as an elementary teacher.


Sample answers

I want to help each pupil to achieve their full potential. Also I hope to be a good role model for the children I teach, so they can grow up to well-behaved men and women. That would make me very proud as a teacher.

I want to achieve good results with the children, and I want to help the school to maintain great reputation and recognition in this district. I will try to accomplish this with my every-day work, trying my best in every lesson and in each after school activity. That’s the accomplishment I look for as an elementary teacher.


——–End of the Sample—–


That were just two interview questions. A small fraction of 46 pages long, highly specialized eBook, in which you’ll find:

  • Multiple brilliant answers to twenty-five most common elementary teacher interview questions.
  • Personality test with right answers.
  • Guide on how to identify the value you can bring to the educational institution, and how to demonstrate this value in an interview.
  • Two winning interview strategies that will help you to stand out and succeed.
  • Interview follow up advice.
  • … and much more

All information from someone who interviewed more than four hundred applicants for elementary teacher jobs, and someone who wrote the content of this website, which helped more than 100,000 job seekers to dateCan you imagine anything better to help you with your interview preparation?

What the others think

I was nervous before my first interview. I had no idea what to expect, and what to say. Luckily I found your website and purchased your eBook. It helped me to gain confidence, I knew how to answer the most difficult questions, and I got the job. Thank you Glen!

Anita Chan, United States


Getting a job of an elementary teacher is not easy in general, but it is even tougher for a man. But I got the job, and I succeeded in my very first interview, using the winning interview strategies from your guide. Finally I understood how to impress the hiring committee.

Adam Millkins, United States


I just wanted to write back Glen. Your book has opened my eyes. I finally understood the mistakes I had made in my past interviews. Thank you for opening my eyes, and for helping me getting a good job, after a long period of unemployment.

Miranda Burton, Canada


Dear Job Seeker,

Let me tell you something:

I have seen many people fail in the interviews. But,

  • They failed, not because they lacked the qualification.
  • They failed, not because they were stupid.
  • They failed, not because they could not teach.


Many of them failed simply because they had no idea about how to sell their skills in an interview, and what the interviewers wanted to hear from them.

How could they succeed? They were teachers, graduates and postgraduates … in all good means. But they were not good in the art of acing an interview.

Nobody told them what to do, what really matters, what questions they should expect, and what answers they should choose. They failed.

Your story can be different, however. You can have a great job, you can feel good about yourself, you can be the one who aces their job interview. The choice is yours…

Teacher interviewing in front of a hiring commitee, handing them her resume. People sit at a big table from glass, all of them seems to be in a godo mood.

  • I am going to show you brilliant answers to twenty-five common elementary teacher interview questions. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate, or a seasoned professional with ten years of working experience. I have a good answer for everyone.
  • I am going to demonstrate, on practical examples, how to flourish in a personality test.
  • I will show you how to make a great impression on the hiring committee.


Ready to get a great job? See my guide below!


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