What is your opinion on information technology at elementary school?

Young kids with headphons in school, they are enjoying their first computer lessons. We can see a spark in their eye, as they are amazed with the technology.Information technology is everywhere. Should young children work with computers? Many principals believe they should, but many psychologists and sociologists think they shouldn’t. And what do you think?


Follow what they do at school

Little research will help you to find a good answer. Try to speak with someone from school (it can be a child, a parent, a teacher) before the start of your interview. Ask them whether they have IT classes, and if they use computers in other classes. This will help you to find the answer that will resonate with the people in the hiring committee.

At the end of the day, you should show the interviewers that you try to use technology for the benefit of the children.


Sample answers

I like to use screens in my classes. Pictures, videos, and presentations help me to demonstrate the subject, and they also improve the engagement of the children, since they like the visual aspect of the subject. On the other hand, we should monitor the content they see on their screens, and block certain websites, so they can not reach them.

In my opinion, IT does not belong to elementary school. Each child has a computer at home, and they spend a lot of time playing with it, or watching TV. We should represent a different line of education here. However, if we restrict the use of technology to some classes, and if we follow clear goals while using it, we can eventually use it to the benefit of the children.

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