Where do you see yourself in five years time?

a teacher stands in front of her pupils, explaining a lesson. She gesticulates with her hands. We can see four children on the picture, and a globe, and two maps, one of the United States, another of the worldPosition of a teacher does not offer many career growth options. You should count with that when preparing your interview answer.

One can (in theory) become an assistant principal in a couple of years, if they are ready to improve their qualification. I would not suggest you to talk about this particular career path in your interview, however.

You should rather say that you love to teach, and would be happy to have the same job in five years time. You can be ambitious with your teaching skills, or with goals in your personal life.


Responsible people have goals

Some job applicants say that they do not think about the future, that they do not have any goals in their life. But responsible people think about their future, and they have some plansat least general plans.

Schools, unlike other institutions, do not need to hire people who’d stay with them for years on end. They will be glad to have you on board for many years to come, but they will not mind your maternity leave, or anything else

Sample answers

I love this job and I would be happy to work as a teacher for many years. But I hope to improve my teaching skills, and become a really good teacher in five years time. Or even earlier…

I see myself as a good role model for many children in my classes. That is my goal, and it would be nice to achieve it in five years time.

I do not have any career plans, but I think about starting a family in four, or in five years time. I want to work as an elementary teacher until then, and come back after my maternity leave. However, we never know what tomorrow will bring. Maybe I will not start a family after all. But I have no doubts about my professional career–I want to teach, for many years to come.

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